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ARNOLD ASSOCIATES, landscape architects and site planners established in Princeton, New Jersey, has executed commissions for public agencies, institutions and private sector clients since 1971. The Firm's disciplines cover a range including environmental planning, site planning, irrigation and drainage design, trails, bikeways and pedestrian circulation planning, grading and planting design. These disciplines are applied in the context of public parks, private residences, urban spaces, resorts, commercial developments, and civic projects.

The office is a partnership organized to allow involvement of the two Principals from the conceptual design to project completion. The policy of maintaining a highly trained in-house staff and associating with the best specialist consultants has proven an effective way to secure both economy of operation and excellence of design.

Past commissions vary in scale and complexity, ranging from major open spaces and memorials on the Washington, DC Mall, to the more restrictive design for a small interior plaza in Rockefeller Center, Manhattan. The large number of these projects that have been built and their durability provides a measure of the firm’s effectiveness as rigorous professionals and artists.

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